Sunday, June 19, 2011

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What can I say about Vera Bradley. She has the most amazing products. I have had three of her purses in my life and can attests that they are cool, hot, and fashionable, and stylish. Hurry, right now its %20 off on all sales items w/$5.00 for ground shipping. Why not indulge yourself and splurge, you deserve it. This promotional deal is only good June 18 & 19.

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Product Review: CD Universe-have you wanted an obscure CD and had no idea where to get it? I do CD Universe

Product Review: CD Universe-have you wanted an obscure CD and had no idea where to get it? I do CD Universe. I was looking for a band from Argentina called Bajofondo Tango, it was for my Mom she really loves tango music. Well anyways, I couldn’t find it anywhere; but after searching the web, I did finally find it on CD Universe. They ship fast w/no cost to you and the selection is fantastic. I have been buying CD’s from CD Universe for over a decade and at no time have I ever been disappointed.

I remember once my credit card had expired and had placed an order; the customer service representative called right away to let me know. The phone call was wonderful because my order was a present for my little girls (5) Birthday, oh how she used to love Hannah Montana. They are amazingly friendly and can help with all your questions. Once, I was looking for a CD and couldn’t find it on their site, I contacted them and they said they would try to locate the item. As it happened, they got it on their website the next month and they sent me an email, well not directly to me, but you know the newsletter that companies email out and the CD was listed, YEAH! I can’t say enough good things about this company and its policies. I give it a 10!

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CD Universe

Product Review-GoDaddy is the best web hosting site on the planet.

I have used GoDaddy in the past when I owed other websites, it is economical and the tech support is wonderful. The tech specialist usually gets back to you within one day, but for more pressing issues, they get back to you ASAP. You can email  aservice requests or call. I recommend GoDaddy products and services and will give them a 10. You can buy your domain names there, and redirect current domain names. The navigation is good when compiling your website and if you have any questions whatsoever just put in a degree in a priority level on high in your service ticket and send it through Godaddy. They are not one of the biggest hosting sites on the planet for no reason. :~)

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PLEASE RT The 'Joel Brown Story' The Kentucky Enquire Address Cincinnati Office 513-768-8000 312 Elm St.Cincinnati, OH 45202

OMG, I just read the most touching story in The Enquire Sunday’s Edition June 19, 2011. Joel Brown he is the sweetest & bravest boy on the planet and I would like to do something for him. Now I don’t have any cash to send but maybe I can get the word out on his struggles and accomplishments. I’m sure with all the medical bills and expenses has acquired his family could surely use some fiscal contributions. Now, I don’t want to bother the family. So I am sure if you sent your contributions, well wishes and cards directed to The Enquire Attn: Joel they would gladly send it along.

A little about Joel, he is almost at the age to drive and wants to play football again. He has battled acute lymphoblastic leukemia for the last three years he reside in Mason, Ohio. He had previously undergone chemotherapy to no avail, but has just recently undergone a bone marrow transplant @ Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He is not out of the woods yet, however. For more information on Joel you can find it in the The Enquire in the Forum section. His Doctors said he couldn’t even go to King’s Island, well Joel get better quick so you can enjoy the new rides. “Joel says, “I just want to be able to hang out with my friends and not have to worry about every little thing.” Awe, keep it up Joel your doing a great job in your recover, I will send all my best wishes your way.

I can’t imagine having a sick child, can you? I’m just blessed that my three children are healthy and relatively happy; two being in their early 20’s, you know how that goes.


Phone: 513-768-82
Cincinnati Office 513-768-8000 312 Elm St.Cincinnati, OH 45202

OC Ink, Best and Cheapest ink on the Planet! Well maybe not on the entire planet!

Product Review: you know while I was in college I had very little money & even less now sorry to say. Anyways, my Mom would supply a few items as needed and one of those items was ink for my printer. Did you ever need a paper for the next day only to find out, NO INK; YIKES! That’s a horrible feeling, looking for a place to print @ 3:00 AM. Well, I’ll tell you my secret, my Mom got all my ink @ OCINKJET and at no time did I ever have an issue with the print cartridges, they shipped fast and is the cheapest ink I have found. If you don’t believe me check it out! Even Walgreens ink has gone up! Did you know that ink costs $8,000.00 a gallon? I need to traffic in bootleg ink! No Just Kidding,-well maybe not! :~)

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June 19, 2011 Today’s Thoughts

Have you ever thought "I’m really good at this”? But realized that you may know very little of how to go about doing what you love? I have finally found my niche, a ‘brand ambassador’ so to speak. I have always been outspoken when it comes to my pleasure or displeasure of brands, brick and internet stores, customer service, and items purchased. I had been thinking, now how I can take my passion for deals and mega-finds to the internet and make money while doing it. Well, that would be to become a brand ambassador; someone who promote brand on social media sights.

Now you may be asking, if you just started this endeavor how do you have any sponsors? I do not at this time have sponsors. But, I have been picking local companies and promoting their brand and/or brands in hope of a some small compensation, such as a few short comments on my blog. It works out pretty good in their favor; I give them something first, I promote their brand and then ask very little in return; a few blog comments.

Like I said, I know very little about being a brand ambassador at the moment, but I absorb trends very quickly and can then apply those trends to my needs. The pro’s are I know my deficiencies and try to overcome them with tenacity and perseverance. How do I over come not having the knowledge or skill set to accomplish my goals, you may ask? I watch, read, peruse others whom I would like to emulate and take from them what I need and leave the rest; and thank them for their help.

I have always been told, do what you love and try to find a way to make money doing it. Well, I am going to do just that. I am going to take a leap of faith and dive right in. Now, I would not recommend this to everyone. But it is a good way for me to do things, get things accomplished, and it works for me.

I have been blogging for a little under two weeks now and have noticed many trends in social media. I hope to utilize my college education in Organizational Leadership and to pursue bigger dreams> I no longer want to settle, I no longer want to work for minimum wage, which is all I have been offer thus far. I am not going to settle foe mediocrity any longer. I have worked far too hard in the last 10 years acquiring a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, to work for $7.75 an hour, don’t you think? Well, that is when I am even offered a job, which has been few and far between these days.

Tip: did you know that majority of people on this planet, who can read, read between a 6th and 9th grade level. So write where everyone can understand what you’re trying to say. If you’re not a PhD leave all the big words to the doctors and professors.