Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have been experiencing internet connection issues. However, this coming December 2011, I will have internet access and will resume my Savings Alert Blog. Thanks for your patients and understanding.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Virgin Mobile US Mifi--- Not Recommended---Not a reputable Company!!! Target just not recommended!

Let me tell you why: 1st if you purchase your Mifi Virgin Mobile device at Target, the mobile Kiosk is not associated with Target (although it has a Target symbol placed on the advertising material in which you view) so you will have to deal with some random Virgin Mobile guy or gal. You will not be able to take your mobile products back to Targets’ Customer Service desk! You will need to take it back to the Kiosk in which you purchased the product (which is nowhere stated on  their advertising material that is viewed), and you will need to take it back when the hours are convenient for them---Target or the Kiosk people, not you; as relayed by Chuck or it may have been the other manager I spoke to who kept apologizing, but offering no assistance what-so-ever, the manger(s) at Target in Newport KY, his words, “I am sorry the hours are not convenient for you,” OH, I am sorry, I thought it was all about customer service and convenience that a store was suppose to support, oh my bad, I was wrong on that point; so it’s the stores convenience, not the customers convenience that Target is most concerned about. I had never been a customer at Target until I purchased the Mifi device and after this episode, I will never again shop at Target. I would have never purchased a product from a sub-contractor. I thought I was purchasing a product from Target.

Just FYI, the Jiffy to go products free coupon that was supposed to be supported by Target, they bad planning on that one, No Jiffy to Go! A Target associate had no idea when that products would be refilled, stating, we get shipments in mon, wed, fri. Boy that was helpful, after I wasted my gas just to get the Jiffy to Go product (sounds like bait and switch to me) come in Target to get this free item, no wait there isn’t any; organizational leadership I think not! Well, the several times I was in after the purchase of the Mifi sure indicated how well the customers liked the store, since I saw very few customers in the Newport, KY Target store. So next time you’re in Target and want to purchase a mobile device ask---who is really the owner of the Kiosk and ask how do you return items, and when and to whom.

Secondly, Last Thursday July 7, 2011 I purchased a Mifi device at Target or should I say a sub-contractor of Target. I took it home receive 100’s of 503 error messages, half the time I could not even connect. The supposed other 4 devices I was supposed to be to connect to the device, did not work. Monday July 11, 2011---can’t connect for hours. Tried to call Virgin Mobile US, was on hold for 100 minutes at a cost of 35 cents a minute, so that would be $35.00 and no answer, after 100 minutes on hold, are you kidding me? So I filed a complaint to the BBB, the FCC and took the Mifi device back to Target that is after waiting 2 hours for the Kiosk guy to appear! So I wanted to cancel my account---but they have locked me out of the Mifi website, claiming I entered my password in wrong, WRONG the pass word was correct. (So it looks like I will have to close my bank account to assure I won’t be charged ‘AGAIN’ for a product I had for only 4 days) because I can’t get a confirmation that my Virgin Mobile US account is closed through email! So I can’t get a hold of Virgin Mobile through phone (which I have no more cell minutes to call---nor the money to waste for being placed on hold, again for another 100 minutes), I can’t get through their Mifi website b/c they have locked me out, and I have sent 8 messages through their generic website, and guess what, No Answer! So, I can’t get my money back for the lack of service on their ‘Unlimited’ Pay2Go plan which I was offline more than I was online---so I have just eaten $50.00 + $35.00 for cell phone minutes for an ‘Unlimited’ Pay2Go program, which I had for a total of four days. I can’t cancel my account, because they do not answer the phone, locked me out of their website, and refuse to answer their emails. So if you thought this was a reputable company, Think Again! Because if you have issues, ‘you up a creek’ and I consider it theft b/c they have just stolen my money (and I have no recourse to get it back) and @ $50.00 a pop, wonder what type of profits they make off you and me in this manner! Don’t you be fooled by UNLIMITED by Virgin Mobile US Mifi! It’s a lie---because you can rarely connect! Maybe they need to look up Unlimited in the dictionary and see what that word really means, not their interpretation of the word to mean!

Monday, July 11, 2011

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