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These listings below are more for fun and just getting lots of friends if thats all your looking to do. It not big a big money maker at all. If your serious about making money this is not the way to do it. But alot of the things listed are fun to do. Fun-Like Crowtap, Cashcrate surveys for points to win prizes. TweetAdder & SocialOomph are worthy applications. I like SocialOomph its really easy to navigate. Just a heads up.

Most are listed for entertainment purposed only!


Hey Fellow Tweeters:

These are a few ways I have found to get more followers. Now the 1st really weird way would be to tweet a Justin Bieber fan (he has millions of followers). Then put F4F in your tweet and ReTweet his fans often and then those followers, will follow you back. Now you may be thinking, why? Because, all those people on the Bieber streams are reading your tweets too. Not a bad way to get followers; plus, there a bunch of cool kids.

Now that is one way to find new followers listed above. Now for other ways to get followers, you may not want to sign up for all of the ones listed below at once. Just check them out to see if you interested and go from there.

Plus, if you’re looking to make $ on Twitter and you do not have many followers the advertisers will hold off sending you offers until you have a substantial twitter following, so the next few websites will do just that, get U followers. Now I want to impress upon you, this is NOT a get rich scheme, but if you want to make a few bucks while you’re doing something you already do, then maybe a few of the option below are for you for you.

More Follower Methods

Twiends - At the moment this is the best twitter follow tool I can find. Set up your login, set up your profile and subscribe to their newsletter. Then follow a few people a day (free) and watch your numbers grow infinitesimal. Also, I know for a fact that there is a new site coming that will rival Twiends. However, the word is, they won't be ready for a few months. Their name is @Ephame they have a twitter account, I suggest you follow them and wait till they launch to try them too. Next Twiends - you are awarded points for free and you use those points to get followers and visa/versa, people get to follow you for free. So you are the follower and you follow at your discretion, you pick whom you want to follow.

YouLikeHits - Not as good as Twiends but still worth looking into, I check mine every couple of days.

Crowdtap - you can earn points, for prizes to re-gift in giveaways; the perfect way to get loyal followers.

Swagbucks - allows you to earn points for free gift cards; they are helpful if you want to sponsor a giveaway for free. Best way to get loyal followers is gifting to your followers and having them RT your tweet name and your giveaway.

Social Oomph – still trying to figure it out, only been on here a few time. “Easily monitor the updates of selected Twitter and StatusNet users with our Channels feature. Click Monitors, Channels in the menu.”

Social Spark - one important point about this site it is a social media site that also gives to charities. So in other words, your activity on this site gives money to your favorite charity and a few bucks in your pocket.

Now, the reason I’m telling you about these sites is because you basically want people to recognize your (brand) name. I end all chats on Facebook and blog posts with my tweet name (my tweet name is also my blog and email name too). That’s the concept in playing games, taking surveys, blogging on others sites is to get your (brand) name out there, anyway you can and it’s free.

Cash Crate - CashCrate! You can start making money right away by completing offers, taking surveys, and shopping online. Maybe it’s something you’re already doing, in regards to the offers they have, why not make a buck or two for something you’re already doing anyway. Have you seen Rewards TV on CashCrate, I have been a member for almost ten years. You answer questions based on movies and get points and can use them to win prizes and take other surveys for points, it’s fun & free; doesn’t hurt to check it out.

I mean it’s kind of crazy, they pay you a few cents to watch movie trailers and commercials, and hey I’ll take it. Every penny adds up. I made a few bucks in a matter of minutes and they pay out @ $20.00, cool huh?

If you shop in their listed stores (listed on their website) you can basically get a small rebate by just being a member of CashCrate & you’re shopping there anyway. I don’t really see any downside of being a member, I am.

And if you’re into taking Surveys, you get points towards prizes, the added bonus they pay you for joining, and taking surveys just another plus if you like to do it anyways.

Hoot Suite I can’t say enough good things about this site, you have to check it out. This does so much for free you won’t even believe it.

AddSocial - New to this site, still figuring it out. Let me know how you like it?

Make Money Tweeting

MagPie - same concept as the ones listed above. You click on the sponsors you wish to advertise for and they send out tweets for you.

Auto Tweeting

Tweet Adder
The earlier version is free. TweetAdder 3.0 does cost. You may want to check out the free version before spending any money, just to be familiar with the websites navigation. If you have multiple streams, such as a blog, Facebook, Myspace, it sends one tweet or one post to all you social media sites. Saves load of time and energy. I have the free version. You may want to play around with it; it has so many cool and free options. If later you decide to purchase TweetAdder 3.0 you won’t be blind to all the options. TweetAdder 3.0 is a fantastic resource, however there is a cost involved.

Just let me know if you have any questions regarding any of these programs. I've been using all the above for a little while now, or I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't think they work.

I get dozens & dozens of followers a day just by automating my tweets and by using one of the auto follower sites listed above and that is all you need :)
I said this is free. However, if you could post a comment on my blog that would be of tremendous help to me. Thanks for asking how to get more followers and have a fantastic day! @ffandfn on Twitter for questions please direct your emails to: ffandfn@yahoo.com

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