Sunday, June 26, 2011

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June 26, 2011 Todays Thought’s

Almost eight hours sleep, ‘Oh My Goodness’ it’s lovely. Maybe I should sleep in my room more often and not next to my computer on the couch. Sometimes, I think that my laptop is an extra extremity. But, then again, I have always loved technology and the wonderful things it can do. I may not know how to do something technologically, but that is momentary. I catch on quick in most things and learn to adjust and adapt.

I think it is amazing that I have gotten so many wonderful followers and that my blog is reaching more and more people every day and from 1000’s of miles away. I feel so glad that I can help, even if it is just to save you all a little money in your pocket. With times like these and the economic uncertainty it is unnerving for some and every penny helps.

It’s funny, last night I was looking at where all the people are from that have viewed my blog, and I think I counted 21 different countries, that is simply amazing to me. At no other time in history would that have even been possible, to relay information on that broad of spectrum. One of my favorite authors Thomas Friedman, who write The World is Flat, talked about globalization and how we are all interconnected on some level.

I think that being interconnected on a global scale is awesome.Well maybe not on a economic level, you know those unscrupulous ‘Hedge Fund Managers’ that almost collapsed our worlds economy, to be more specific, who bought & insured debt due to deregulation, I am not talking about those individuals and they are not awesome. I feel so bad for those many people who thought they has finally reached the American dream, by owning their own homes, but unfortunately many of those people were lead to believe they could afford it, but in the end many of them could not afford it.

However, globalization means to me people coming together to form bonds and friendships. I love to learn about people’s customs, music, and food. You don’t know me, but majority of my friends have been from other countries and I have had the pleasure of learning firsthand the customs of those countries and the best part trying different foods and hearing wonderful kinds of music.

Well that is my rant today. Let just all get along!