Friday, June 17, 2011

$3.00 OFF in Colgate Coupons

$1.00 off Murphy’s Oil Soap, $.50 off Speed Stick, $1.00 Colgate Orabase, $.50 off Wisp Mini-Brush those little mini brushes you can stash in your purse. Printable when you join.

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Best $ I Have Ever Spent, literally!

I could not do without this phone. I was searching around one day for a phone for my little girl. We hardly ever used the house phone and it was an expense I wanted to get rid of. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a phone for a child, nor waste a lot of money on the minutes. So after searching around, I bought her a TracFone. No lie, I paid $14.98 a year and half ago and with that phone, I got double minutes and double days for the life of the phone. So now every time I get a phone card or order it on line, everything is doubled. You can also buy minutes at many gas stations and stores or on the phone.

No joke since I have had this phone, I have had to buy minutes twice at $39.00 for one and half years, that is such a deal. My cost is virtually $4.44 a month, and she knows if she uses her minutes before the days are up, no more minutes until the days are up. Having this phone has taught her responsibility and she is not a texter, or she would be out of minutes quickly. I can’t say enough good things about this TracFone. I have not had one single issue with minutes or the phone. The phone is a little beat up now, she’s a kid, but hey it is the best money I ever spent.

For more information, please visit by clicking on this TracFone

$6.00 Off Coupon For OFF

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Win King’s Island Tickets from Fox 19

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Free Cheese Quesadilla w/Entree @ Denny’s

Why not take Dad 4 Father’s Day expires 6/25. Free printable coupon. Just click on the above link.

My Favorite Place to Shop!

I have been a customer on Amazon for many years, at least a decade. You can trust that in every way, you will not be disappointed. I bought all my college text books from Amazon and I saved so much money; as compared to on campus books stores. I have never had an issue with any part of dealing with Amazon. I have always gotten what I ordered and in a very timely fashion. This is without a doubt one of my favorite on-line places to shop.

Oh, big bonus: I buy all my music there. It is really easy and again no issues what so ever. The music software is easy to download, navigate, and use.

Free Blockbuster Codes

I have absolutely no idea what to with them. A friend sent them to me in an email, thought I could use them. I can't, I don't like getting my DVD's out of a machine; I really want to talk to someone.

I hope no one minds if I post these, they had to come from somewhere? If you do mind please let me know?

79JBHS3 (valid thru Monday, June 20)
56BACC9 (valid thru Monday, June 20)
81RRAP4 (valid thru Monday, June 20)
92ASJA3 (valid thru Monday, June 20)
76MLBJ3 (valid thru Monday, June 20)
63AEMR3 (valid thru Monday, June 20)
28CMEA7 (valid thru Monday, June 20)

Hooter’s Buy Ten Wings get Ten Wings for FREE on Father’s Day June 19, 2011

This is the Mystery Coupon for the Day

I hate to say it, but the Hooter’s @ Newport on the Levy is cool, its right on the river, the young women are nice, and the food is OK for sports bar food and sometimes the beer is cheap. So, shoot, me I like Hooter’s too. I’ll like the river setting most of all…

Click on above link and it is a printable coupon, no download software needed.

Ugly Tie Contest @ Krispy Cream FREE DZ Donuts for Ugliest Tie

Bring in an Ugly Tie before Fathers Day
Check or call for participating Krispy Creams & for location copy & paste: