Friday, June 24, 2011

Please Read about FREE FOOD Scams on the WEB? VIRUS INFECTIONS!

I CHECK ALL LINKs through MY Anti-Virus. If its a bad site, my software will tell me, rest assured of that and I would never pass it along to you for any reason!

An email scam spreading around the Internet on Wednesday advertising free food at McDonald’s is a scam that could lead to harmful Malware.

The e-mail, which has been confirmed as fake by McDonald’s, started spreading late Tuesday into Wednesday. The e-mail claims “You don’t need to pay for your helpings this day”, and promises a free dinner on June 27.

To get the coupon, you must download and install the attachment ( The attachment is a type of malware that could infect your computer with a virus. Upon downloading the executing attachment, users are exposed to a type of malware variant currently detected as Trojan.FakeAV.LSX, according to ZDnet.

The fake e-mail attempts to entice readers by stating that the day’s free treats include Big N’ Tasty with Cheese, Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips, Premium Caesar Salad, Apple Dippers, and McCafe Mocha Frappe.

The e-mail concludes with “Print the invitation card attached to the letter and show it at the cash desk of any of our restaurants. Every manager will gladly take your card and issue you a tasty dish of Free Day. And remember! Free Day is a whole five free dishes! Thank you for your credence. We really appreciate it.”

More FREE Anti-virus Downloads and S & D Detection Software FREE

Windows has a program called Windows Defender, must have the program already installed. I would say McAfee is better but this is good too. For more information: click here

This is another program I have used Spybot S & D: click here

Please, please read instructions. This is also for Vista not Windows 7. Darn, I have Windows 7. I cannot try it out for you first. I do trust this site; if you have any questions just refer to the top link and maybe bookmark Spybot. I hope this helps a little. Here is more on operating systems: click here

Supported Operating Systems
Operating system
Windows 95
Spybot-S&D 1.4 was not compatible with Windows 95, Spybot-S&D 1.6.2 is fully functional again
Windows 98
Fully functional
Windows ME
Fully functional
Windows NT
Some functions need administrator rights
Windows 2000
Some functions need administrator rights
Windows XP
Some functions need administrator rights (XP accounts have those rights by default)
Windows XP AMD64
Some functions need administrator rights (XP accounts have those rights by default)
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Some functions need administrator rights (XP accounts have those rights by default)
Windows 2003
Some functions need administrator rights
Windows Vista
Application needs administrator rights
Windows 2008
Some functions need administrator rights
Windows 7
Application needs administrator rights
Windows PE
Windows Preinstallation Environment is supported since 1.4 - details
Mac OS
Not supported
Mac OS X
Not supported
full Wine support in 1.5
Windows Mobile

Please refer to the tutorial & support page and make sure you update often.

June 24, 2011 Today’s Thoughts

If you come to my blog and click on a link, trust that I have checked it out first. I go through the whole process for your security. I don’t want to pass along a bad link and infect your computer. If a page pops up and wants to access you computer, get the heck out of there.

That’s the reason I posted a link to download anti-virus software yesterday, and or a free trial. The reason I have sort of been on a anti-virus kick is that in the last several days, quite a few of the websites the so called ‘Big Bloggy’s’ directed me to, were infected and if I didn’t have a great anti-virus software I would be @ Best Buy paying $100.00 to have those viruses removed. Now, they ‘the Big Bloggy’s’ would know that, if they had only went through the whole process themselves, and not just cut and pasted. It really upsets me to think there are some nefarious individuals, that have no consideration for other peoples security and or cash in pocket (for maintenance fees) to have viruses removed. So I purged a great deal of followers yesterday, just for that reason.  So that is my rant for the day.

Beware, just have adequate internet protection and that your computer is updated, it’s so easy to do. I do an update every night before I got to bed and set it to turn off my computer when it’s done; easy peasy.

I’ll try to find some additional free anti-virus products for you.

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