Tuesday, June 28, 2011

P&G June 27-July 2 2011 Latino EXPO & National Convention @ Duke Energy Center

Special Friends from Walt Disney Company

Speakers @ Convention---Town Halls:
Vincente Fox, Kathleen Sebellius, Hilda Solis, Thomas Perrelli, Anejandro Mayorkas

Latino Expo Community Showcase June 29-July 1, 2011

Health, Career, and College Fairs

‘My Favorite’-Anthony Munos Thursday 5pm-6pm
Maria Antonieta Collins Wednesday 3pm-4pm
Music Los Lobos Thursday June 30 @ 7pm, EL Guero & Comedian Alex Reymundo-Hosted by Melissa ‘Crash’ Barrera
Pick up your free Concert tickets in the Expo Latino Hall Beginning Wednesday. For more information:

http://www.lulac.org or call 513.686.8988

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